In each study, market products are classified into Global Groups, Chapters and Market Segments.

  • Each market segment is a uniform group of products that has the same active principle and/or that has the same use in the same species (animal or vegetable) and with the same route of administration.

  • The number of competitors in each market segment is from 1 to 60 different companies.

  • Market segments are standardized and classified according to their use.

  • This allows you to obtain the information quickly: depending on the speed of your computer, in 2 to 3 minutes you will get an analysis perfectly classified by use.

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These are the numbers of market segments in each database:

Animal health

Animal nutrition

Plant health

Plant nutrition





Pet food


Included market segments


  • Download the classification of the database: Animal health

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  • Download the clasification of the database: Animal nutrition: additives